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Wednesday, 28 April 2021
13:00 - 14:00 UTC

Unifying the global WASH response with an evidence-based approach: the WASH Severity Classification

Objective: To explore how a rigorous, consensus-based, and internationally recognised system for WASH data analysis can enhance WASH systems and decision-making processes, and, in turn, drive improvements in WASH outcomes in humanitarian and development settings.

Content: The absence of a recognized and standardized framework to transform complex data into actionable information has become a major bottleneck in decision-making processes for the WASH sector. This has prevented the sector from effectively delivering evidence-based planning, response prioritization, optimal resource allocation, and advocacy. Although progress has been made in the availability of WASH data, analysis of this data is currently conducted on an ad-hoc basis, with limited consensus on key findings and follow-up actions by key stakeholders. This session will explore how the WASH Severity Classification (WSC) seeks to overcome this issue, by developing a set of tools and protocols to classify the severity and drivers of WASH needs and vulnerabilities based on recognised standards. The session will start with a brief presentation of what the WSC is, its potential impact, and strategic vision.

The main segment of the session will then be a panel discussion covering the following areas:

• The “WASH analysis problem”, its implications for decision-makers and donors, and how the WSC can address this

• How the WSC can feed early warning mechanisms and response preparedness

• Field perspectives on the first WSC pilots in Afghanistan and Burkina Faso The session will be concluded with a Q&A, sharing next steps for the WSC, and details of how to become involved. Expected Outcomes:

• Exploring the benefits of developing a standardised approach for WASH analysis

• Understanding the practical implications and requirements from the WASH community as a whole in order for this to be achieved Next steps: Final confirmation of panellists, further develop the content/talking points, and launch a communication campaign to foster attendance.


Rebecka Rydberg (REACH)


IMPACT Initiatives / REACH

Useful links / additional materials online (if applicable):

Article on the background and the launch of the WASH Severity Classification

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Main Event Concept Note and Agenda Dates 19th - 23rd April 2021 – from 14h30-17h00 CEST each day

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