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Thursday, 29 April 2021
16:00 - 17:00 UTC

What construction contracts to de-risk WASH Projects and how it fits in the GWC roadmap?

This presentation will walk you through the current work being done by the WASH CONTRACT COMMITTEE of the International Humanitarian Infrastructure Platform (IHIP) around construction contracts and how it can de-risk your project. In coordination with the Water and Habitat department of the ICRC and the WASH Unit of the UN-HCR, we will show how this initiative also fits in the WASH sector roadmap to engage better with the private sector (Initiative 3.2).

About IHIP : The IHIP initiative is mainly driven by operational challenges to improve how humanitarian actors engage with the private sector to deliver infrastructure projects. Its specific function is to build on existing private sector tools and adapt them to the humanitarian context and therefore allowing successful design and delivery of infrastructure. IHIP addresses this issue building on a common reference, the FIDIC construction contract, which is already widely known and accepted by both the private sector and the development and humanitarian actors.


The objective are:

1. To introduce Initiative 3.2 of the Wash sector

2. To introduce the IHIP initiative

3. To promote the use of the harmonized particular conditions of contract for construction for the WASH sector.

4. To engage with Global WASH Cluster members through pilot project(s) using the harmonized particular conditions of contract for construction developed by IHIP for the WASH sector


• Welcoming remarks , Monica Ramos (5 mn)

• Short introduction about initiative 3.2, Emmett Kearney (5 minutes)

• Concrete examples of challenges, Pavlos Tamvakis (5-10 minutes)

• Presentation of the IHIP initiative, François Baillon (10mn)

• Presentation of the 18 improvement points addressed in the harmonized particular conditions of contract for construction for the WASH sector, François Baillon (10mn)

• Discussion on elements that would help the sector to engage with the IHIP harmonized contract (20 minutes)

• Propose online registration form for interested organizations Expected Outcomes Increase the number of adopters of the IHIP harmonized particular conditions of contract for construction and have few organizations agreeing to contribute to a monitoring and evaluation process of the added value of the harmonized particular conditions through their use on pilot projects


François Baillon (IHIP) 

Pavlos Tamvakis (ICRC) 

Emmett Kearney (UN HCR)

Monica Ramos (GWC)



Useful links / additional materials online (if applicable):

Harmonized particular conditions of contract for construction for the WASH sector

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